Welcome to the (hopefully) complete Bastard Operator From Hell collection! I found the stuff in all around in the net and gave it a bit a nicer layout. Acutally BOFH is the creation of Simon Travaglia (spt@waikato.ac.nz), but for some parts (e.g. 1995-1998) the author(s) is/are unknown.


BOFH // n.

[common] Acronym, Bastard Operator From Hell. A system administrator with absolutely no tolerance for (l)users. "You say you need more filespace? <massive-global-delete> Seems to me you have plenty left..." Many BOFHs (and others who would be BOFHs if they could get away with it) hang out in the newsgroup alt.sysadmin.recovery, although there has also been created a top-level newsgroup hierarchy (bofh.*) of their own.

Several people have written stories about BOFHs. The set usually considered canonical is by Simon Travaglia and may be found at the Bastard Home Page.

A typical BOFH keyboard....

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