Specially for all friends of Drachenstein: this simple but that cute Dal-Screensaver (766 kb).

Download here: Drachenstein-Special-Dalscreensaver

It was made for Drachenstein on the occasion of my notice to quit the job* from Heike Kroenke. Thaaanks a lot!
If you love the sweet dalmatian artwork of Heike like me (see also the great postcards on Drachenstein) or if you simply like snowflakes and dalmatians, this is the right thing for you!

* Hope to make it over the next winter anyways: I start self-employment *g*

Dalmatian Desktop Wallpaper


If you had a good time watching the dalmatian pics you might want to have that spirit on your desktop too!
This cute dalmatian (4 kb) gives a perfect desktop wallpaper, somehow calming but with a special kick!
Inside you find version with black and white border.


These nice fonts are of course a "must" for each real dalmatian friend!
Okay, one of them actually looks more like a cow font, but it has much "Dalmatian Spirit" and above all it looks very good!

(Download - 57 kb)

(Download - 55 kb)

(Download - 33 kb)

(Download - 66 kb)

Dalmatian Icons


You may personalize your PC with a choice of dalmatian icons.
There are sets for "Black and White" and "Liver" dalmatians.
Just click to see them all!


People like me need little funny things jumping around everywhere (it was hard to let my page mostly clean with it) - even if it can be with my own doggie!
Come and see my litte Gizmoz in action and hear more about it!


Dalmatian Dollar Bill


It's a masterpiece! I found this great Dalmatian dollar bill on the page of "Alessandro and Katiusha", which are also Swiss origin *yodel!*
As it's their own work you may only use it for yourself, you may download it direct from their page.


This nice font can be used very well by dog lovers to decorate many different things (63 kb)


Klick here to enter the dalmatian wallpaper area

Enter the dalmatian wallpaper area to choose the
windows dalmatian desktop pic for you PC!


Klick to enter the dalmatian divider area

Klick to enter the dalmatian graphics area

Special Dalmatian-Divider


These spotted graphics can be used for invitations, cards, letters and much more - and of course for your homepage! Here you can see them all and pick out something for you!

Many things on this page are for Windows (sorry fruits). Just click on a picture to download the corresponding things and select "save to disk".
Most Files are zipped - you can use Winzip or PKZIP to unpack it.

If there are any problems with the installation of the stuff just contact me!

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