If your lovelife needs a change, try this!
The comprehensive guide "Kartoon-Sutra" of the art of love explains all important positions (e.g. Fridge, Rodeo, Me Tarzan - You Jane) with detailed pictures!

(Download - 769 kb)


Very naughty and a bit bad, but you'll be rolling on the floor laughing watching this!
Finally we now what the mean with "Freshmaker"....

(Video - 1.5 MB)


No we go a bit under the surface with the culture: it's a classic, but very cute!
Fits due to the small size perfect as a greeting via mail...

(Download - 42 kb)


A little but very bad animation with cool sound - I liked smurfes even when I was a child....

(Download - 440 kb)


I really even don't know if I like this kind of "different" Kung Fu...
Decide on your own!

(Video - 1.9 MB)


If dry rots are gonna be tested by experts... Maybe a product test of the sort which you did not expect? I really recommend this little video - it's one of the cutest and funniest around!
Thanks a lot to McLaub for this contribution!

(Video - 1.0 MB)


This is really cool! A cute SINGING dick! You just HAVE to watch this. I never would have had the nerve to put this on my page - but they even showed this classic in a comedy show in the German TV now. So it can't be that bad *ggg*...
The video itself is of course not censored :-)

(Video - 1.6 MB)


You see: the deeper the page the tougher it is *smile*. Btw smile: this animated and very special Smiley is very cool - surprise!
Of course this animated GIF is not censored (but depending on your connection you might have to wait one minute - but it's worth it!).

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If there are any problems with the installation of the stuff just contact me!

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