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I for my part do - although the current offers couldn't convince me. The two main disadvantages of such programs are:

1.  A bombardement of banners and ads all the time when you surf - without the chance to stop it.
2.  Usually there is a limit of about 30 $ that you can earn each month.

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Unlike all other opportunities the users have the freedom of choice to accept or decline (perhaps while you're reading something exiting) an ad. This provides a non-intrusive medium for viewing ads.

But it's not all: With the referral program, you can increase your earnings considerably. If you have your friends and family register with bepaid.com (listing you as their direct referral source), you will earn 13% of their compensation for viewing advertisements. When your friends and family refer others to register to the site, you can still earn an additional 7% for those indirect referrals.

It's called MLM (Multilevel Marketing) and in common parlance snowball system (although it's not appropriate in this case because they have only two levels).
Anyways, MLM works, as we all know, the best for the first and worth for the last - in this case the system is that new, that you have the chance to take part (since july 2000 bepaid is available for the first countries, USA, UK, New Zealand, and Iceland - more countries will follow these days).

You simply register at the bepaid.com site, download a small program and watch cool ads from time to time. It's really that simple! As soon as you have registered, you will receive an email containing your member ID number and password. You will use this information to activate the AdVision Control the first time you run it.


Once you connect to the Internet, ads will automatically download to the AdVision Control. The Control will then appear in the right hand corner of your computer screen. It will show you what company is offering an advertisement and how much they will offer you to watch it. You decide whether you will accept this offer or not. If you accept, the AdVision appears (800x600 pixels) on your screen and the ad runs inside it. If you do not want to see any advertisements, you can always choose "See ad later" (20 minutes pause) or "no more ads" (12 hours pause). You do not lose the advertisements when you choose one of these options. They are only on hold until you have time to watch them.

Advertisers pay members for the initial viewing of an advertisement. They will offer members rates between 5.5 cents and $2.00 per ad. You can increase your earnings by clicking on the “Golden Link”, which is active when the “Visit” button is highlighted in gold. In this case, you will earn an extra 10 cents for clicking the “Golden Link” and visiting the advertiser's site. Another way to earn extra money is by taking part in the bepaid.com referral program by referring friends, family and colleagues to join the service.

I don't want to bother you with fantastic statistics, but as you can calculate easy you really can get up to about 1'000 $ a month without any negative consequences while you surf as usual.


The average cost of banner advertisements today is $34 per 1000 impressions (or people who view a site where a banner is located). This approach costs advertisers money regardless of whether the person actually clicks on the banner or is even interested in viewing the ad. The average click-through rate (people who actually click the banner to visit an advertiser’s site) is only around 0.8%. This means that for every thousand impressions, only 8-10 people actually click through the banner to the advertiser’s site. In other words, advertisers are paying at least $4 for every person who clicks through via the banner.

bepaid.com is a better option for advertisers. By registering as a member, and providing basic information about yourself, advertisers are able to contact you via the AdVision Control with advertisements specifically tailored to your needs and interests. When a member actively chooses to view an ad, advertisers are certain that they are reaching an interested consumer. As such, they are eliminating the wasted dollars spent on banner ads aimed at a broad, undefined audience, in the hope of reaching a few interested viewers.

Hier again the most important points that speak for themselves:

  • You will be paid for each advertisement viewed at a rate equal to no less than $20/hour - and up to $120/hour, depending on advertisers’ offers!
  • You are in control! With bepaid.com, you decide if and when you view the advertisements.
  • You will only receive ads relevant to your interests based on information you volunteer in your profile.
  • You won’t be monitored or watched while you are web surfing.
  • You can register and earn money through bepaid.com from anywhere in the world.
  • By using the Golden Link on the AdVision Control, you can earn more money by visiting the advertiser’s website.
  • You can register with other similar sites at the same time. bepaid wants you to earn as much as you can!
  • You have the option to donate your compensation to your favorite group or charity.
  • bepaid won’t inundate you with annoying banners which dominate your screen.


    The registration is very easy, without any obligation and it's free. The following are your four payment options:

    1. A check will be mailed to your address.
    2. You can donate your payment to your favorite club or charity.
    3. You can receive your money in the online currency beenz.com.
    4. You can receive instant electronic payments to your email by using PayPal.

    That's al!l

    I wish you a good start and much money while you surf the internet.

    Here you go to Register

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