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Here in Europe Millions of people are in the "Moorhuhn fever" (Moorhuhn is a very simple and a bit stupid shooting game but which has great graphics). Although I tried hard to keep my page clean of all the Moorhuhn stuff I couldn't resist with this great screensaver.
The Moorhühner in this cult screensaver are looking just GREAT and very funny, are animated and really cool! This screensaver reminds me to the "Flying Toasters" which I had on my screen all the time in my younger years...

(Download - 1.0 MB)


This animated screen saver is based upon the popular cartoon comic strip of the same name in which a dimwitted shark named Sherman, his sea turtle sidekick, and an assortment of other coral reef critters who team up to battle the encroachment of civilization on their remote tropical paradise.
As the cartoon fish swim across the screen, swordfish pop the blow fish (sending eye balls flying), and bigger fish eat the smaller ones in a big Gulp! as the smaller fish shriek in horror. It's one of my favorite screensavers!

(Download - 2.0 MB)


Changing pictures of the Claymation characters in scenes inspired by various movies.

(Download - 4.5 MB)


Uli Stein is a famous german cartoonist. Brazen cats, exhibitionistic mice and all other of his cute animated figures come to in this great screensaver.

(Download - 1.5 MB)


I'm not shure where the difference to the screensaver above is (but there is of course). Maybe there are partially other figures in this other version. Anyways: real Stein fans definitely need both :-)

(Download - 3.9 MB)


What is there to be said about this one, it's a screensaver, but hey... it's Garfield! It's gotta be worth a go although it's just a little video sequence of his "midnight snack"!

(Download - 1.0 MB)


Screen saver with changing images of snoopy. Images can also be used as wallpaper.

(Download - 1.3 MB)


This Sheep-Screensaver of T-Online (a German telephone company) brings a bunch of really cuddly sheeps to your desktop. On each start different things happen to this cute creatures. Great graphics - it's worth a look!

(Download - 7.2 MB)

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