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Also here not the whole stuff you'll find in the internet.....
Only the best sounds I use on my own!
You get here cool sounds for error signals, standard signals, and other system events.
These are not the standard sounds
you've used to haer.... Just test each of them!

Unusual Sounds...

A funny Sheep


With this small program (116 kb) you get a cute little sheep which does funny things while you do your work.
If you like gadgets like I do you'll love it!


Because you'll find thousands of cursors in the internet I'll present you only my very favorite cursors (4 kb).
Everytime I hold a training the participants want to know where it I have it from... So I hope you like it too!
Hobbes and the teddy are perfect to pick, snoopy and the roadrunner can well be used as busy cursors.

Cute Cursors


This great screensaver is sound-reactive eye candy for your computer. It can 'hear' your music - and let you SEE your music.
Geiss generates fluid-motion realtime graphics based on the sound it can hear: CD's, Microphone or MP3. You need DirectX (see details and download information on "").
Download here this unbelievable small screensaver with only 115 kb!


One animated cursor and several normal cursors of this cute doggie. Just click to download (15 kb).


The Flying Cows Screen Saver depicts a multitude of friendly cow heads flying straight at you.
Includes an option to control the speed of the cows.
If you're tired of Flying Windows, then try Flying Cows! (188 kb)


It's so relaxing to watch this little screensaver (59 kb) where that cute sheep's jumping over a fence.


This is more than a screensaver - Paul becomes a cult program (40'000 downloads from EIZO).
Paul loves to be the focus, sometimes he is a bit naughty and he hates to have a wash....
If you have problems to recognize his present frame of mind, check "".
It's worth the 1.2 MB of the download.


You just have to feed it from time to time, give it now and then a little bit of attention and you have a wonderful fish as virtual pet. He'll never disturb you and appears only when you're not busy...
The fish is in perfect 3D, moves very realistic and can be trained as well. The program works as a kind of screensaver, but can also be started as seperate program.

(Download - 1.4 MB)


You get this interactive virtual pet it as egg, you can raise it on your PC. Virtual Dragon provides a fun, interactive friend that will do everything from eat ducks to pass some gas.
You must raise Virtual Dragon very carefully, however, since he is in need of constant care.

(Download - 3.0 MB)

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Many things on this page are for Windows (sorry fruits). Just click on a picture to download the corresponding things and select "save to disk".
Most Files are zipped - you can use Winzip or PKZIP to unpack it.

If there are any problems with the installation of the stuff just contact me!

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