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From the deep depths of a secret lab comes Moeboid, one of the coolest games about amoebas ever created! Your goal in Moeboid (pronounced "Mee-Boid") is to eat small amoebas and avoid big ones.
If you like the speed of Pac-Man and the thrill of Asteroids, you are going to love Moeboid.

(Download - 692 kb)


It is one of the best arcade games you will ever play. This game will keep you in front of your computer for days. Once you pop, the fun don't stop...

(Download - 906 kb)


Lemmings are furry little creatures that you simply have to love! But they only have a very, very small brain. So, it's no wonder that they stumble over danger cliffs, fall into abysses or become aquainted with those traps that are all around. Only you can help them to use their special abilities. Rescue is only possible, if you transport a fixed number of those little fur-bearing animals safely into the saving exit.

(Download - 1.3 MB)


Kung Fu Kim is a real funny game and a perfect game for everybody, with 9 levels of fun. It's a friendly variation of the Mortal Kombat theme. In this game you kick tomatoes and paint balloons instead of people.

(Download - 2.7 MB)


Charly the Clown is an exciting jump'n'run arcade game with fantastic sprites! Charly the clown's plane has crashed in the jungle and you must help him find his way back to the circus.
Features 5 levels, great graphics, parallax-scrolling, music, sound effects, joystick support, and more.

(Download - 2.8 MB)


Sokoban is an addictive strategy puzzle game. The objective is simple: move the boxes to their destination in the warehouse.
What's the catch? You can only push the boxes, and you can only push a single box at a time. Since you cannot pull the boxes, it's easy to get them stuck along a wall or in a corner. Each new level presents another challenge, you won't be able to put it down!

(Download - 179 kb)


ColorBreak2 is an enhanced mind-twister for people that don't "break" under pressure. Your goal in the game is to clear as many screens as possible by popping bubbles.
With 50,000 new screens, you are up for a very "colorful" challenge!

(Download - 686 kb)


In that beautiful game you move color spheres to make chains of 5 and more units to eliminate it. Sounds pretty easy - until you have a big mess on the board... :-)

(Download - 1.9 MB)


The cute little dragon is going to stumble over a great bundle of bonuses and can blow bubbles to catch enemies inside. After that you should jump on bubble with an enemy trapped inside and pop them!
The Dragon can become invisible to fight the monsters and can turn them into anything at his own will.

(Download - 1.8 MB)

Only for the big, big kids over 18 years!!

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The games on this site are for Windows, they require more and more the installation of DirectX - shouldn't you have it already, get it here.

Most Files are zipped - you can use Winzip or PKZIP to unpack it.

To download more than one thing, Gozilla is really helpful, even aborted downloads can be resumed!

If there are any problems with the installation of the stuff just contact me!

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