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This is another funny gag of the creators of Moorhuhn and actually a promo for Panasonic: here you have to style a poodle (please not to much!) to collect points.
It's not that easy how it sounds: some surprises are waiting for you... Hint: look behind the decoration.

(Download - 5 MB)


Bonzala is a combination of puzzle solving, arcade slip sliding action and immersive 3D. You are Flint, the flying ace entrusted with the task of retrieving all the hearts from a world of greedy Gulpers. Traverse your way by bending the bridges of the rubbery world of bonzala. Single or Multi player. Features pseudo random track generation, so each time you choose a level, you get a different experience.

(Download - 817 kb)


You guide your dwarf-like character around each board picking up all the gold while sporting a bow which you can use to shoot unfriendly bears and boars. The Beginning is a excellent game with terrific graphics and replayability.
If you like PacMan and Gauntlet, this game is definately for you! The instructions are in German but the game is in English, easy to play and master....a gem of a game!

(Download - 6.4 MB)


This is Blue Byte's new mini-game where you and your Roman soldiers will have your hands full keeping those plundering Vikings from pilfering your gold.
Your soldiers are a little out of form from their tavern-hopping evenings, so they will need a little push to get them going. Hint: you can slap houses, trees, and ponds to uncover hidden goodies.

(Download - 3.7 MB)


Forget about SimCity! With this great game you can plan and build your own city and manage its mobility! Design an attractive, economically successful and ecologically sound environment for its inhabitants. Of course, this is all just a game. Or is it?
The measures used in this game to influence traffic, spatial planning and environmental impact are all based on professional spatial and traffic planning. This has been made possible by the ongoing assistance by the Weimar Bauhaus University (Germany), as well as the traffic research department of DaimlerChrysler AG.
If you don't want to download over 40 Megs you can order the complete version of MOBILITY on CD-ROM for free on where you also can get additional game stages/scenarios.

Download 1. Segment: MobilityRar.exe - 8.1 MB
Download 2. Segment: MobilityRar.r00 - 8.1 MB
Download 3. Segment: MobilityRar.r01 - 8.1 MB
Download 4. Segment: MobilityRar.r02 - 8.1 MB
Download 5. Segment: MobilityRar.r03 - 8.1 MB
Download Anleitung: Manual.Zip - 400 kb


Graphics are very original and entertaining. And the wide-sweeping side-scroller offers more than the average arcade game. Have Fun in the crazy world of Dr. Goo!

Dr Goo: The first Game - 5.0 MB
Dr Goo 2: The Plaque - 3.5 MB
Dr Goo 3: Rubblebum War - 4.8 MB


The gameplay is basically guiding a ball through levels filled with tunnels, pipes, loops and other obstacles while collecting a set amount of diamonds. Think of Marble Madness on a grand 3D scale! With its impressive graphics and gameplay it's worth a try.

(Download - 2.6 MB)


For people who miss the spirit of the C64 and amiga times, the Giana Sisters clone with it's nice 2-D levels, really great 32-bit music and a good gameplay is the right thing.

(Download - 6.2 MB)


Tux Racer lets you take on the role of Tux the Linux Penguin as he races down steep, snow-covered mountains. Enter cups and compete to win the title! Tux Racer includes a variety of options for gameplay, including the abilty to race in fog, at night, and under high winds. Great graphics and a very careful design make this game a favorite!

(Download - 8.0 MB)


The object is to simply pop as many balloons as possible. Dynamic scoring rewards mass balloon popping and clearing all balloons of one color. Though simple to play, it is surprisingly challenging to pop all balloons...

(Download - 3.2 MB)


Actually just a little console game where you guide a little airplane - but it's one of the most beautiful and cute games I've ever seen! At the end you can even send this game via email to someone else.

(Download - 817 kb)

Only for the big, big kids over 18 years!!

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The games on this site are for Windows, they require more and more the installation of DirectX - shouldn't you have it already, get it here.

Most Files are zipped - you can use Winzip or PKZIP to unpack it.

To download more than one thing, Gozilla is really helpful, even aborted downloads can be resumed!

If there are any problems with the installation of the stuff just contact me!

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