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It's a classic jump'n'run combined with original puzzle elements, a game full of surprises. Save the Happylanders in order to rid the world of evilness. This really cute doggie as your character and nice graphics make it this little game worth the download. Check the page of the creator Johan Peitz for new levels and links to fan sites!

(Download - 632 kb)


This is the full featured sequel of the classic jump'n'run Happyland Adventures. Loads of puzzle elements, a game full of surprises. Explore the big levels and collect various fruits for bonus. Santa's helpers has all disappeared and it's up to you to find them or else Christmas will forever perish!

(Download - 1.0 MB)


Sonic Chaos is a game with great graphics, good sound, and bucket loads of fun. It matches the original from SEGA very well and is a game worthy of attention and your play. All jump'n run fans will love Sonic, this little hedgehog and his friends!

(Download - 7.1 MB)


The sequel to Ultimate Sonichaos (see above) is maybe a bit easier, the sounds and graphics are also cool! for one thing, It's new songs, all fitting the scenery. In submarines or Jeeps - now you'll give Chaos beans! This game needs a PC of the newer generation. For everybody who loves jump'n run games this one is very nice.

(Download - 1.3 MB)


This game is something between Arkanoid and classic pinball. You're moving with paddle to avoid the ball to fall down. But you're not braking or crashing anything. Few points are for hitting wall. Try to hit the bells and lights to gain more points. You can also push the ball by left-cliking (the paddle jumps forward). It's all in cool 3D with nice textures. In higher levels you've got to keep two balls on the screen and so on.

(Download - 4.9 MB)


Freeride Thrash is a futuristic 3D racing game. The game was developed with fun as the number one goal, while graphics, music and special effects are still important and are of the highest quality, they are not the only thing that makes a game good. Enjoy!

(Download - 4.2 MB)


Roll 'm Up is a fast moving pinball game for one to four players with great graphics, music and sound effects! Great fun! Rack up points by hitting the beer cans, bar stools, piano, and trampoline, and try to shoot the ball in the bonus hole. Roll 'm Up also contains a utility for uploading your high scores to the Dommelsch Beer homepage Hall of Fame.

(Download - 4.1 MB)


Don't let the intro (it's low resolution to reduce the file size) fool you: This game simply proves one thing: You can have one extremely rockin' game with all sorts of options, lots of surprises and really cool stuff WITHOUT a silly 3D accellerator! Jazz Jackrabbit forever!
If you need more of that Jazz: here you'll find a lot of Stuff (e.g. a bigger version, levels, patches, desktop backgrounds and much more).

(Download - 11.0 MB)


Another one from the creators of Moorhuhn - in this gag funny aliens kidnap the cows of a bavarian farmer (who doesn't think it's funny). Someone must save this cows - so take the dung fork and give the aliens beans!

(Download - 1.8 MB)


This is also one of my favorite little games: cuddlesome space residentials are playing hockey in space. The graphic is unique and the sound is great, this is also for people who don't like sports games (like me) an absolute must!

(Download - 1.8 MB)


This Mini-Game is a little gag: you just do the daily exercises with Obelix, the by-now legendary French comic character, it lets shotput-throw Romans as far as possible for a score. Funny thing!

(Download - 560 kb)

Only for the big, big kids over 18 years!!

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The games on this site are for Windows, they require more and more the installation of DirectX - shouldn't you have it already, get it here.

Most Files are zipped - you can use Winzip or PKZIP to unpack it.

To download more than one thing, Gozilla is really helpful, even aborted downloads can be resumed!

If there are any problems with the installation of the stuff just contact me!

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