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Aren't there enough game related sites in the net? Do we really need this on Drachenstein too? A sounding "Yes": it's a handpicked choice of small games, which are according to thier size really great. They should be on everybodys harddisk *ggg* und should even attract people, which are not used or do not have time to play computer games.

So it's kind of an "Editor's Choice" of Games for the coffee break, especially for people who like Drachenstein. Have fun!


Graphics and handling of this little game are fantastic!
Can you manage to serve enough beer and take back the empty glasses?
At the beginning very simple it turns with more and more thirsty people to a hard job and needs some coordination and reaction skills. Unbelievable how such a small game can be so nice!
Start the Game with F1, control the movement of the barkeeper with the up and down arrows, to serve a beer press space.

(Download - 258 kb)


Over 86 crazy challenging levels with excellent graphics and animations, no Score - just good clean fun with infinite lives, catchy original tunes and unrealistic sound effects!
Play 'til you Pop!
You guide the little dog made out of a balloon through a hazardous path inhabited by porcupines, firecrackers, spinning sawblades, cats, electricity, bees, and thumbtacks.
Remark: after installation you only get a preview version with ten levels. But since the manufacturer can't be found anymore (so registration is no longer possible) here exclusive the codes for you to register, with these you get the full version with 87 levels:

Name: Ray Hipfner
Code: P2-uu6cA-x

(Download - 2.1 MB)


Not only the idea is great, also the fun playing this game is good.
With the weapons of your choice you have to beat the penguins (you even can kiss them!).

(Download - 1.5 MB)


They're just cute, the little men that you have to support in their snowball fight.
Actually made as a christmas greeting it's always a nice little game for the coffee break!

(Download - 2.0 MB)


Within this small captivating strategy game you should give it a try to capture most territories of the world with foreseeing positioning of your armies and clever attacks.
You play against max. two opponents (computer or human).
I just wanted to start it to see what it is - after an hour I was still glued to the screen... (btw - if you also get hooked: there are also some "big" versions of this game in the internet available)

(Download - 37 kb)


Asteroid has brought about many clones due it's simple but challenging gameplay as rocks collide with your ship in all directions.
AstroFire sports some pretty nice visuals that will be pleasing to the eye.
If you're looking for something more than the original classic version, you can't go wrong with this one.
Although it's a demo version with a limited number of levels it'll be fine to bang a little bit...

(Download - 940 kb)


Krazy Bus is an addictive puzzle game featuring alien vegetables!
A superb game for all the family to enjoy, the excellent cartoon graphics are matched only by the addictive gameplay.
I personally like the game because of the cool potatoes - you must see how they pull faces and fool around!

(Download - 4.4 MB)


Wow, this is the most funny kind of Space Invaders.
But this time YOU are the spaceship and instead shooting you with missiles the angry cow herd on the ground keeps launching cows at you!!

(Download - 1.4 MB)


The atoms drop regularly in a tube, you have to place it on the board and combine it to molecules.
A very polished game with good sound effects - a challenge for your skills and reaction!

(Download - 1.6 MB)


For a game of this size a incredible great made game! Each level of "Tracks and Gaps" has a complete different outfit within the little Beetle has to find the way through deserts and deep space.
Not only a delight for eyes and ears - also a really gripping and unusual brainteaser!
As true Beetle fans know, the game is only available in German - but the language barriers are never a problem in such a game...

(Download - 1.4 MB)


Again a "quickie": the clowns on the seesaw have to collect all the balloons.
Fortunately you can move the seesaw to the left and right, then it'll work - if not just a little elephant drops on the seesaw...

(Download - 205 kb)


Mrs. Piranha is lost! A big wave washed her and all the piranha eggs down river. You, Mr. Piranha, have to rescue them! Figth against jellyfish, barracudas, crabs, swordfish and sharks! ...and re-unite the piranha family.
The music is lively, the graphics are cool and who can help but love a piranha! This game will keep you on your toes trying to dodge jelly-fish, barracuda and more! But you’d do anything to save your little babies and reunite them with their mommy. On top of my personal list!

(Download - 1.0 MB)


The graphics could be considered "cutsey" but I enjoyed that aspect of the game - a mixture of adventure and (very little) strategy game. The sounds these little guys make are fun, from "Yum-yum" when they eat their tomatoes to "La-la-la" as they pick their flowers. Expect fun for all ages.
If the four trainingmissions and the four normal missions are still not enough, you can get the registered version with more missions.

(Download - 5.7 MB)

Only for the big, big kids over 18 years!!

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The games on this site are for Windows, they require more and more the installation of DirectX - shouldn't you have it already, get it here.

Most Files are zipped - you can use Winzip or PKZIP to unpack it.

To download more than one thing, Gozilla is really helpful, even aborted downloads can be resumed!

If there are any problems with the installation of the stuff just contact me!

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